The Tritium Trace Methology


To The Point

Tritium Holdings, Inc. creates long term solutions by leveraging Crypto, Virtual, and Digital currencies against fiat currencies in the global financial market. From our first bitcoin purchase in 2010 (by mail) to our first ICO, we have been in the space longer than most. We are passionate about helping both companies and individuals with diversifying portfolios, managing assets, analyzing market trends, and reducing financial risk. Our goal is to safeguard the dreams you strived to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate. I use proven investment strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and hedge against market volatility.

Exchange Arbitrage

By having a presence in most timezones, and jurisdictions, Tritium is able to leverage exchange disparities across continents. Customer asset management, therefore, is constant, consistent, and moves with the sun

We also take a different approach to transparency. By never needing to wait for an exchange to open, clients have the ability to transfer wealth 24 hours a day all year. With access to our portal, select customers will be able to watch every trade live. 

Private Client Blockchains

For all clients, regardless of their position, will have the opportunity to part of our Private Blockchain (Information on how a blockchain works can be found here). In short, every customer that opts into being part of the Tritium Blockchain will be able to see any and all transactions taken place by either Tritium Holdings, other customers.* If there was a run on the bank while you were in meeting, or a ceo decides to dump all of their stock, wouldn't you want to know first thing? We not only provide that information in real time, but every customer that opts in will have records of EVERY transaction, in every market, that Tritium has facilitated PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE.


*personal data and account information will not be universally shared